It doesn’t matter if you are an experience trekker or if you’re heading out for your first ever long trek this year, there are always things to prepare.

Shorter treks require less preparation, but if you want to head further into the forest or mountains there is more to think about. You need much more reliable equipment and more importantly, you need to be familiar with how to use your equipment. If you will be trekking with a new stove or if you haven’t used it in a while, take it with you when on a weekend trip and get familiar with the stove and what you can cook with it. For people who enjoy cooking it is not difficult to whip together delicious meals when away from home.

A good tip is to remember not just the standard equipment, but also those small things that you do not want to be without when you are a couple of days into your trek and have even more days to go before heading back home again. Toilet paper and blister plasters are two of them. And a plastic bag to collect all your rubbish in.

When it comes to cooking equipment, these are things that are good to pack in your backpack: