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        Camping stove with a Piezo lighter that can fit in a chest pocket

        Do you want a very lightweight backpack, but still want to bring a gas stove to eat and drink something hot when you are away from home? And do you plan to bring this stove around the world? If so, the MicronTrail Stove Duo is perfect for you.

        This stove combines low weight and compact design with performance and robustness. It can handle really large pans and tough terrain. The stove is equipped with a Duo valve and therefore fits most gas containers with a valve on the market. Simply the perfect stove for backpackers and world travellers.

        The quick, narrow flame can withstand wind very well, and together with a PrimeTech pan it can quickly boil 1 liter of water in less than three minutes. The supports of the burner can be folded when transporting the stove to take up the least amount of space.

        • Compact and lightweight.
        • Duo valve.
        • Narrow and quick flame.
        • Boils water in less than three minutes.
        • Can be folded for minimum space.
        • Works best with PrimeTech pans.
        • Storage bag is included.
        • Gas not included.


        Technische Details
        132 g
        57 mm
        83 mm
        68 mm
        Kochzeit für 1 l
        3 Min.
        133 mm
        2600 W

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